Ukho Peyi

Ukho Peyi

Together We Live
Virtual Exhibition Cortex Hub 2021

  • Artist Discipline
  • Medium
    Carved woodblock prints
  • Level of Education
    National Diploma in Fine Art
  • Institution
    Walter Sisulu University
  • Home Town
    East London


As an aspiring young artist there, are many disparate and noticeable negative aspects that I see in my everyday life. Living in a community where there are scenes of people that are seating at homes doing nothing and that one can tell there’s hopelessness in their hearts. Seeing different people with different facial expressions with emotions that are full of anxiety, worrying about what is going to be their next meal, whom some graduated or some are not.

The frequently increasing amount of graduates that are unemployed and can’t make a living whilst they spent gigantic amount of money at their respective institutions. The term “Together we live” seeks to provide hope to the victimised.

The research seeks to depict and alert as an awareness, the governmental organisations regarding the above mentioned statement. As l saw a requirement for me to go and research about the increasing burden of unemployment in South Africa.

Description of Three Works

Title: Imbophelelo
Medium: A2 Woodboard Print
Dimension: 20 X 20 cm
Year: 2021

Imbophelelo is an amaXhosa speaking name, meaning to be entangled by a particular disastrous situation. Basically, this type of work is signifying the hardships the women of South Africa are enduring due to this pandemic and the lockdown. The Spider Webb utilised in the artwork is depicting the hitch-ups that the lockdown brought ever since its commencement.

The social experience that l tend to observe daily is what motivates my work of art. The facial expressions of women that l come across with from and on my way to the studio is what triggered me to come up with this Woodcut print. I used it as my mode of expression because l find comfort and a lot of ideas while working with it.

2.Title: Ikhwelo
Medium:Woodblock print

The majority of my works are manifestation of unemployment that is so dominant in this modern South Africa, especially during these tragedies laid by corona virus pandemic. As it had been promulgated on the news daily that the number of infections are frequently increasing.

For this art work, this piece of artwork seeks to alert the nation regarding the availability of covid-19. It serves as a reminder to the public that one should wear their masks as this corona virus spreads quickly and unexpectedly.

3.Title: Uxilengela
Medium:Woodblock print
Dimension: 20 X 20 cm

Following the theme that I’m working at that is about unemployment in the country, the artworks is one of the prints that l utilise as an expression my ideas. Its title is derived from AmaXhosa speaking, meaning “job seeking”.

Job seeking and hustling has been one of the aspects people had been restricting from during the lockdown. This comes on being a burden and embarrassment to us as Africans, that seeing a man staying for months at home without generating any income. As the majority of man were staying at home with no income but stress. Wondering what is going to be the next meal. The artwork signifies those breadwinners whose voices were never spoken.

Methodology The type of research that l did is a descriptive research, which l worked particularly with social issues. Expression of what the public have intended to manifest for years. The provided information has been collected through ou the citizens of Buffalo City region, particularly the KuGompo (East London) community. Interviewing people, especially those that had been exposed at some of the pandemic’s tragedies. The others are collected from the news, utilisation of internet and social media platforms.

Afterwards, l then took that to the Wood board. Using the wood carving tools, engraving each and every aspect that l feel would easily signify what I’m trying to archive.

Literature Review

Ever since the commencement of the corona virus pandemic in South Africa on Thursday 5th of March 2020, that the National Institute Of Communicablev Diseases confirmed, the majority of citizens in Africa particularly in South Africa had lost their jobs. The immense amount of South African lost they occupation And that on it’s own have been an awful situation, where it left people in an immeasurably level of destitute. As a Statistics South Africa (Stats

SA) reveals that 8,1 % of its respondents lost their jobs and a majority of businesses closed. That is excruciating especially to those families that are depended on those people’s salaries.

The study also reveals that ever since the commencement of this epidemic the proportion of respondents that reported to experience poverty increased from 4,5 to 7%. That resulted an aggrandizement to an amount of food insecurities throughout South Africa and had left the country’s economy bankrupt. People lost homes, schools, contracts etc.

Target Audience

My target audiences is every given audience that had been relatively exposed and experienced to my theme’s philosophical notions. However, t seeks to be an awareness to everyone South African citizens at large. These target audience includes both men and women, adults, teens, mid-teens, preschoolers and youth.

Future Aspirations

As the works that l produce are seeking to provide awareness to the public especially at these heart-breaking events laid by this covid-19 pandemic. My future aspirations are to provide awareness to the public, especially those that had lost their loved ones, lost their jobs, those that are seeking liberation from the government. Having my work being the expression of those emotions and tears that were never heard. As a practicing young artist, my intentions are to research further about the social issues of South African citizens and Africa at large.