Sinethemba Kota

Sinethemba Kota

Together We Live
Virtual Exhibition Cortex Hub 2021


The covid-19 pandemic took the world by stone in 2020, we saw the world literally shutdown in just a short period of time. The economy was trebling, people were losing jobs, the health sector was strained the most, but over and above that we saw how the pandemic affected the future of tomorrow when the educational system had to shut down its doors worldwide to reduce the spread of covid-19. School closures impact not only student, teachers and families, but have far-reaching economic and societal consequences. The impact was more severe for disadvantaged students and their families, causing interrupted learning, compromised education outcomes and consequent economic coat to families who could not work. 


In my collection, I will be addressing the impact of Covid-19 to student. Especially school leaving students as I was one myself. 

The stress that students were under is un measurable during the pandemic. The uncertainty of what our future held for us as schools opened and closed on a daily, the fear of going to school and not knowing if you not going to contract the virus. The feeling of being trapped by the Oh so many lockdown levels that did not permit face to face learning but rather having to familiarize our self with online learning system in a short period of time, due to the same system we were never prepared for we saw many cracks within the educational system, such as the online learning was not designed to cater for the disadvantage students and even with the little to no support, student had to fend for themselves. Causing some to have emotional break-downs, anxiety and some even decided to drop out.

The Covid-19 pandemic deprived us opportunities for growth and development. The disadvantages were and still are disproportionate for the students who have fewer educational opportunities beyond school. 

Yes, even though some of us made it through 2020 and Yes, we graduated, but the question remains “WHAT NEXT”. Understanding very well that first we had to complete an academic year in a space of three months, now we ask our self’s what quality of education did we receive, how will the economy or world receive us as 2020 graduates. Did we learn enough for us to claim this victory of being 2020 graduates or was it just a façade to a drained economy to get rid of us at any cost.


The mood I will be conveying with my collection is that of mixed emotions, yes we made it to 2021 and that brings about happiness and some hope, but through it all the emotional strain that 2020 had on us is still there, the uncertainty and no direction which leaves us stressed and depressed by everything.


As the brief specified that 40% bought fabric and 60% recycled material, 

My recycled fabrics will be ;- Ropes as means to show the entrapment that we felt in 2020 and are probably still feeling right now.

  • Hessian (a form of sack material that’s beige in colour) 
  • Paper that will form have of my 3rd garment where the expressions of what the pandemic made us feel will be written on it. 
  • Christmas lights I will use them in my first garment to show that even though all this negativity surrounded us, we still have a glim of hope that everything will work out.
  • Stuffing to retain the shape that I want my garments to have. 

For the 40% of the bought fabric ;-  I will use Black Mini Matt fabric for my second garment the graduation gown and hat, and also beige Mini mat for Garment 1 which will be under the hessian sack for comfort wear when the models wear the garments. And an illusion Mash for my 3rd garment which will have a corset made out of ropes.