Sine Nkqwi

Sinesipho Nkqwiliso

Together We Live
Virtual Exhibition Cortex Hub 2021

Sinesipho Nkqwiliso a multi award winning fashion designer graduate with a National Diploma in Fashion Design with over 11 years of work experience in managing her clothing line. The first five years of her professional work experience were spent in the retail sector, and the last six years have been dedicated to a professional career in fashion industry having a short career stint where she tutored the Walter Sisulu University Fashion Design Students in pattern technology. The sum of these experiences truly integrates the key disciplines for running a successful business: training, coaching, marketing, sales, finance, and management.

With a successful and award-winning career in fashion industry spanning over 11 years, Ms. Nkqwiliso understands how to create successful communications and marketing strategies and have experience in marketing fashion lines for top retailers, such as Woolworths. Much of this work involved developing and maintaining high profile campaigns that were structured around generating increased customer sales within the store environment and through sales associate training. She has led successful teams, which involved qualified and thoughtful selection of employees and consultants to help ensure the successful launch of seasonal projects in model stores.

Her current efforts toward building the Sine N.K.Q. brand have heavily depended on all the skills and abilities that she has developed in her past and current professional life. Her combined technical skills in pattern technology, garment designing, styling and knowledge of the right types of clothing for her clients on what they should wear based on their body types and personalities are enhanced by her retail experience.

Sine Nkqwi