Sibongile Mqwelane

Sibongile Mqwelane

Together We Live
Virtual Exhibition Cortex Hub 2021

I am Sibongile Mqwelane a fashion student from Walter Sisulu University, a strong, loving and caring woman who has been through a lot in life but still she rise. I grew up in a small town that is called peddie raised by my mother and two brothers our father died while I was in grade 11 and the death of my father really destroyed me because he was our only provider at home, our bread winner. it was not easy at all but since we are the family that believes in god we always knew that god will never close a door without opening a window. I never thought I will call myself as a graduate, because it was not easy for me to find school I remember my mom she even sold one cow so that I can be registered at school.

In life you have to be thankful of everything that you get even if there is no money and put all your effort so that you can get knowledge and have experience. That’s how I got this project, I always listen to my lectures and do what they tell me to do, I don’t ask questions because I know they know better than me.. One of my lecture saw that I am not a problematic child and I am a hard worker and I love challenges and taking risk in life that’s how I go this project.

Corona virus deaths!!!! Yes in the bible death is written but this is not the one that is written I always ask myself why god can’t protect us from death, why we have to lose the people we love the most, what have we done in this earth. Many families are heartbroken because of death, children are left alone, the are closed homes because of death…i hate 2020 I lost my aunt and uncle and it was so painful seeing them buried like that, a funeral of one hour and only 50 people must attend I didn’t even saw their faces for the last time because of this corona I didn’t even got a chance to say good bye to my loved ones that’s why I decided to design three dresses that tell the pain I have been through because of this pandemic

First look it’s a dress that has got broken mirrors to show the brokenness and pain that I have been through and the families who lost their loved ones and these mirrors also symbolise that this virus has made us to always look in the mirror and ask our self’s questions that have no answers. And is this really happening or it is all a dream 

And the second look will have the wings that are made of box; I remember at school when we are designing our lecturers always tell us to think outside of the box but now we are thinking inside of the box, we can’t do anything that we used to do because of this pandemic we are afraid of visiting our families we can’t even visit our families that are in hospitals, we are inside the box we can’t do anything and the painful thing is that we didn’t ask to be in this box but god is with us

The third one will have the cape and a button to show how we do when we are mourning and because of these death it left so many families and my self-crying and mourning for those that we love and care about and more especially to my aunt and uncle yes I didn’t had a chance to say good bye I didn’t see the place where you are laid to. But deep down inside my heart I am still mourning for you and you will always be in my heart and mind. And 2020 will be the year that I will never forget in my life.

Sibongile Mqwelane