Luzuko Ngqakayi

Luzuko Ngqakayi

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I Luzuko Ngqakayi am a Singer, Song Writer, Artist, Crafter, was born in the dusty streets of Mdantsane, grew up in Compo Town, my High School Years were spent at Hudson Park High School, where I represented the school in Springboard Diving, while at the school  I represented SA in the very same Sport, where I Toured extensively abroad and all over South Africa. I Matriculated and enrolled at Border Tech to Study Sports Management and did the first year and owing to financial circumstances I discontinued with my studies.

I carried on representing my province and country in Diving and Moved to the High Performance Center in PTA for a year, while at the High Performance Center I entered a singing Competition Coca Cola Popstars, a reality tv show that was on SABC!, I was on the top 10 of the competition but unfortunately did not make the group ADILA.

I moved back to East London After POPstars and my diving career had ended, to start afresh and had no idea I was about to go on a journey I never expected. That is when Lourijinal Leather was conceived. I knew I was a creative person but never ever thought I would work with leather, I started making leather pendants and grew to teach myself other crafts using leather. Lourijinal leather is a manufacturer of leather fashion accessories i.e. shoes, belts, wristbands, bags, earrings, key holders and other fun unique crafts using leather.

How COVID Affected Me and My Work

t is understandable the Covid 19 has ruined, devastated, crippled and killed many people around SA and around the world. It has affected me both negatively and positively. The negative point out of the pandemic is the obvious and the misery I mentioned above. I was devastated as I could no sell and make money to live and survive, most of the entrepreneurs were hit so hard to a point of seeing no hope of a livelihood. The lock down was the most frustrating as you had to stay in one place and not interact with life in general.

The positive I will point out of this pandemic and the devastating lockdown was to actually stay home and look after yourself and the ones you love. The period of lockdown was also a productive one as you had no other time but to be creative, during this time I was able to make tutorial videos for YOUTUBE to market my work and was able to create more merchandise for my business. As the restriction were gradually eased I managed to get my work displayed at the Craft Shop in Beacon Bay Crossing, East London. In the near future I would love to see Lourijinal Leather grow and be in more stores both locally and internationally.

Luzuko Ngqakayi

Work I Created During Lockdown

  • DARK BROWN LEATHER AND TULL SKIRT TWO PIECE  (made out of a leather beaded and studded leather bra top and a handmade knotted tulle skirt that is puffyandabove the knee]
  • NUDE LEATHER BRA TOP/DRESS WITH BEADED CRISS CROSS DETAIL [this piece is made out of cut offs that are shaped round, also has a touch of beading and is studded. It is nude leather because it is not dyed, it is hard, sometimes soft, it is raw leather]. 
  • BLACK LEATHR THONG BRA WITH CHAIN DETAILS PAIRED WITH A SKIRT [ this piece is a very sexy and minimal bra top with a touch of chains and studs, the skirt is an experiment and cannot yet describe it.
The pieces have all been 100% handmade, and are a product of creativity, detail and perseverance and I am proud to be the one who created them, I  hope the work I have created inspires someone else to be also creative and inspire someone else.