Litha Ncokazi

Litha Ncokazi

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Litha Ncokazi was born in South Africa in the Eastern Cape small town of Ngcobo in the Cwecweni village. He is a creative‐social‐entrepreneur, university lecturer, researcher and practicing visual artist. Litha acquired his 12 year lecturing experience working for the Walter Sisulu University in the Eastern Cape. 

Durng his more than a decade lecturing service rendered at WSU, Litha mentored undergraduate and post-graduate students some of whom went‐on to become well accomplished creatives, art practitioners, teachers and art administrators in various professional environments. As a creative‐social‐entrepreneur who has been in the professional art practice for over 15 years now, he has also been committed to the purpose of building a career for himself in business as an arts-development, education and training expert. 

Litha sought to achieve his dream through the establishment of his two arts enterprises, viz Art Versatile and the Creatives Enclave Artists Retreat and Residency. Both these enterprises have served as entrepreneurship spaces where Litha could access a wide array of enterprise development opportunities most of which gave him the urge to excel in his entrepreneurship career. Examples of such opportunities which Litha was honored to get are the inaugural Barloworld Mbewu 2019 Corporate Social Investment Scheme, Tsogo Sun Entrepreneurs 2019, South African Tourism Hidden Gems 2017-19, SAB Kickstart 2014 to mention a few. Further to this, the Art Versatile and Creatives Enclave bands were established by Litha to serve the purpose of promoting the visual art practice as a basis for creative-intellectual experience as well as a vehicle for socio-economic growth especially for people living in deep rural areas of South Africa, environments which he is familiar with having been brought up from one. 

Litha’s endearing love for art led to his devotion of time and other resources towards advancing his visual art practice producing artwork of a high standard which embodies his critical view to life, socio‐economic issues and issues pertaining to human identity, as a product of social impressions on individual human beings. He creates and produces his art from his private art studio, a fully equipped ceramics unit in Acardia, East London. Litha’s desire to pursue a career in the practice of visual art grew more when he moved to East London in 2001 to enroll with the then Border Technikon for a National Diploma Fine Art qualification which he completed in 2003. 

Subsequent to this he enrolled again with Border Tech to do a B. Tech Fine Art degree which he completed in 2005. Litha has also been enrolled with the University of South Africa for a Masters in Visual Art qualification and expects to graduate in 2021. The most outstanding highlight of Litha’s academic career was his attainment of both the National Diploma and B. Tech Fine Art by distinction ‘Cum Laude’.

Litha Ncokazi

Art Versatile Institute for Arts Development, Entrepreneurship and Research

Art Versatile IADER is the home for artistic expression, lifestyle and skills development. The value driven multi-sector company based in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province in the coastal town of East London was founded in 2008 by Litha Ncokazi, a practicing visual artist, social-entrepreneur and experienced academic. Litha is passionate about building Art Versatile into a stronger and trusted brand that brings life into the life of every person it touches. We call this value proposition an ‘evocative Africa creative experience’.

Art Versatile is committed to promoting art as creative and intellectual experience as well as a vehicle for socio-economic growth through a number of exciting initiatives. A Seta accredited Arts Academy, a Creativity and Innovation Incubator, an Art Gallery, Art Residency for Creative/Cultural Exchange, Ibuyambo African Cultural Explosion, TV/Film Production and Digitization including an eCommerce, Trade and Exhibition units constitute a complete Art Versatile operational model. Apart from being an art and design, education and training and manufacturing brand, Art Versatile is also positioned as a tourist attraction because we understand the symbiotic relationship between the arts as well as tourism. As such among our products and services we also offer various lifestyle, tours and teambuilding products.

In our five years of operation we have been able to set up definitive creative-spaces where sheer artistic talent, fervor and potential of an African artist is unleashed, demonstrating the extraordinary power of a human gift while providing artists, students, investors and other stakeholders a service of the highest standard that resonates with our promise of an authentic and evocative African creative experience.