Asemahle Nadopho

Asemahle Nadopho

Together We Live
Virtual Exhibition Cortex Hub 2021

  • Artist Name 
    Asemahle Nadopi
  • Medium 
    Printmaking, Painting
  • Level of Education
    Level 3
  • Institution
    Walter Sisulu University
  • Home Town 
    East London

Artist Statement

Rational: As I have gathered this information about my artwork, I want people to be aware of our survival in this covid-19 crisis & that’s the reason I chose to do these artworks. Covid-19 has become the talk of the town now. And I’ve read that there have been a misinformation published in January and the end of March 2020, meaning that last year in the early stages of covid-19 we were mislead. Literature Review:

Artistic Inspiration: I should create everyday, make mistakes because we learn from our mistakes, I should always come up with ideas on my own & not rely on the internet. I should be inspired by what I love.

Target Audience: Is the group of People that prefers the type of the artwork I created.

Future Aspirations: Becoming a printmaker, becoming an expert & owning a business/company.

  • Artwork 1:
    Adapt to survive- My artwork here will try to show how the world is adapting in this Covid-19 crisis in order for us to survive. Because ever since covid-19 has been amongst us, the have been new ways of living in which I think none of us ever thought that one day getting to work, shopping, getting to school or even getting around would be like this.

  • Artwork 2:

    Collectively- This means that we have to work out as a group. Meaning we have to be there for each other in this pandemic we are facing.
    My artwork here will be showing a mask with people together, meaning “together we live” those people there are being United by the mask as we had adapted to the new ways of living because in these days no one is allowed to go around without a mask as it is something that became mandatory now.

  • Artwork 3:
    Impact of Covid-19 in Education- The covid-19 has absolutely changed the way we used to do things on our daily basis. Schools had to be closed because we can’t be in confined spaces like classroom. And my artwork here will be showing how some of us(students) had to school through internet, how it affected us. Because not everyone is familiar with e-learning.

Asemahle Nadopho